Guide to Books for 0-5 Year-Olds

Ryan, B. (2003). Guide to Books for 0-5 Year-Olds.
The value of reading to children is immeasurable. As we read to children we are helping to open their imaginations, teaching them new words, new ideas and new languages. We teach them about life, its rules and its possibilities. We tell them "I love you" in a hundred ways. We show them how to say, "It hurts" and "I'm sorry" through pigs, bunnies, dogs and elephants. We hold our children close as each story unfolds, laughing, crying and grimacing, sharing worlds that unfold before our eyes. When we read to our children we show them the wonder of stories and the power of words. We simply cannot do it enough. | began this list in 1997 when | was reading books to young children in the USA. The list is unending as the number of wonderful children's books published grows daily. Now | read books to children in Ireland and their laughter reminds me that a great book is universal and timeless. I thank every child who has allowed me to share each story. I also thank my Barnardos colleagues for their contributions and suggestions. These proved invaluable and reminded me of the universal appeal of a beautiful book. This guide has arisen and evolved from the requests of children and the response of adults. It is merely a starting place in the discovery of great stories. It is my hope that it reveals the wonder of stories and the magic that unfolds in their telling.