Barnardos Annual Review 1992-93

Barnardos. (1993). Barnardos Annual Review 1992-93.
Through our work with children, with families and in communities Barnardo's aims to make a real difference in people's lives. That difference is not necessarily dramatic - often it may be a fairly small shift- but one that perhaps reverses a negative trend, gives a ray of hope or boosts confidence in a way that will lead to further progress. Our experience in providing services continually informs the ongoing development of our work. And we recognise the value of sharing our experiences and learning from our colleagues in other organisations. All of which compels us to speak out on behalf of children and families from our own experience. The implementation of legislation and development of services for vulnerable children and families over a three year period, as promised by Minister Howlin in the aftermath of the Kilkenny Incest Inquiry is welcome. But it is essential that what is put in place should represent the most positive outcome for children, given the resources available. Achieving this will require a coherent integrated approach from all sectors in establishing a vision, preparing plans and determining roles. There is a need - and an opportunity - to ensure an effective partnership between all organisations in improving the situation of children in Ireland. But there are worrying signs that this could be undermined by a failure to acknowledge adequately the contribution that can be made by voluntary child welfare organisations. Barnardo's has been playing an active role in building relationships with colleague organisations. Together we have formed an alliance with the voluntary child welfare sector in Northern Ireland in establishing the Focus on Children initiative. And we have been active internationally through our membership of the European Forum for Child Welfare. We are ready, with our colleagues, to contribute to current and future developments. Our collective voice will be heard.