Barnardos Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015

Barnardos. (2016). Barnardos Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015.
We owe it to our children and to the future of our country to ensure that every child in Ireland has the chance to hope and dream – and that every child has the opportunity and support they need to make those hopes and dreams a reality. In order to do this we must make sure that every child has equal access to all they need for a happy, healthy and safe childhood. And that support means access to health services, to education, to suitable housing and nutrition. These are the basics a child needs to survive and thrive. As a nation, we must ensure that every child has that. And that every parent is supported to be able to provide that. That may mean changing the way we think about services and how they are provided. It means ensuring that every child has equal access to the things that we often regard as simply the basics. As the saying goes – our children are our future. If we don’t invest in them now we will surely regret it later. I would like to thank the people that make up Barnardos. Those who spend every day working to make sure that children have happy, healthy and safe childhoods by working with parents and carers to help them be the best parents they can be. And to all those who support Barnardos by volunteering their time, supporting our campaigns, or donating money – Thank You. You are making Ireland a better place for our children, and our children’s children.