An Evaluation of Barnardos Early Years Services

The Centre for Social and Educational Research. (2000). An Evaluation of Barnardos Early Years Services.
Barnardos is currently conducting a review of all its work, (i.e. Childcare, Finance, Administration, Governance, Management, Human Resources and Communications) and has commissioned The Centre for Social and Educational Research, DIT to undertake the evaluation of its Early Years Services. It is envisaged that this evaluation will feed into the broader review process. The main anticipated outcome of the organisational review is that it will identify any gaps in the current work of Barnardos and make recommendations to bring work into line with standards of best practice. This evaluation focuses on the current structure of the Early Years Services, examining areas such as curriculum, resources, assessment process, profile of service users, staff qualifications and training needs. It also takes account of any other issues which emerged in the course of the evaluation which impact on the effectiveness of the early years services.