Establishing a Day Care Service: An Information Pack

Canavan, Angela & Gibbons, Norah. (1997). Establishing a Day Care Service: An Information Pack.
A day care service for which one has full responsibility is not an easy option. It requires a combination of sound business sense, the stamina to work long and irregular hours and the skills required of an employer, together with a respect for children. Is it intended to start your day care service from scratch or to take over a going concern? Either way one needs to be certain that there is sufficient support for these plans. Assess the character of the local community very carefully as well as what parents are likely to be able to afford to pay. If the location being considered is densely populated with professional families with dual incomes, then it is probable that the area will be able to sustain several expensive private day care facilities. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to assume that because all the facilities already in existence appear to be booming there is room for one more.