Barnardos Annual Review 2002-2003: Every Childhood Lasts a Lifetime

Barnardos. (2003). Barnardos Annual Review 2002-2003: Every Childhood Lasts a Lifetime.
Barnardos is continually striving to contribute to making Ireland a better place to be a child. In 2002 we marked the tenth successive year of new service development throughout the country. But our concern is for all children in Ireland, not just those using our services. This is why we launched the Every Child Matters advocacy campaign in March 2002. Because every child does matter, and this two-year campaign is highlighting some of the key difficulties facing children and families today and campaigning for changes in policy and provision. ▪ Parents Under Pressure raised the need for increased supports for parents who are struggling with ever increasing demands as they carry out their vital parenting function. ▪ Families Under the Influence focuses on the impact of problem drinking on children and young people, and the need for all of us to change our behaviour in relation to drink. ▪ Later in 2003 the third phase, Children Living Without, will focus on child poverty. Barnardos will continue to advocate on behalf of children and young people over the coming years. We welcome your feedback and support.