Growing Together: A Resource Manual for Facilitators of Parenting Groups

Ruane, M. (2005). Growing Together: A Resource Manual for Facilitators of Parenting Groups.
The NCRC receives many requests from parents and professionals about parenting programmes or resource and training materials for parenting sessions. The increasing demand for such programmes and materials arises from an increasing focus on parenting education and support. For example, Ryland (1995) in her research on parenting programmes in Ireland concluded that there was a need for parent education and training materials. Furthermore, Riordan (2001) in her report, Supporting Parenting — A Study of Parents’ Support Needs highlighted that Irish society is changing and, consequently, new ways of supporting parents are needed. The report further asserts that the majority of parents welcome parenting education or support groups but emphasises the need for a flexible approach to accommodate the huge variety among parents and their needs. in 1998 Geraldine French, in a joint Barnardos and Department of Health initiative, compiled a profile of parenting programmes in Ireland Enhancing Our Future, with many recommendations regarding "the content of parenting programmes". in the following year professionals involved in parenting support and education met in Dublin to review and develop guidelines towards best practice in parenting education. As a result, Towards Best Practice in Parenting Education was published by Barnardos and the ERHA in 2000. With this resource manual the National Children’s Resource Centre attempts to contribute to developments in the field of parenting education/support. This manual is aimed at supporting facilitators of parenting programmes and building on and complementing the care, advice and support already provided for parents, families and communities as opposed to substituting or replacing it. The core principle of the manual is empowerment, rather than direction.