Back to School: A Parent's Guide

Barnardos. (1996). Back to School: A Parent's Guide.
Starting school is a momentous time in any child’s life and can be stressful for both the child and their parents or carers. Returning to school after the summer holidays can also be a difficult time for a child. The transition from playgroup to primary school can be fraught with anxieties, with many children having to make new friends and become accustomed to a new school environment. Meeting new teachers can be traumatic and many parents worry about giving the best advice and support to their children at this difficult time. This can be repeated. at transition from primary to secondary school. Marks & Spencer, who has always cared about the family, has joined together with Barnardo's, to produce this booklet. Barnardo’s in Ireland have been looking after children and their interests for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience in this area. This booklet will be an invaluable guide to any parent with children of school going age, with information on starting school, road safety, homework, teacher/parent relationships, and nutrition, including where to look for further information if necessary. Once parents have read our step-by-step guide, we know that they will have a better understanding of the problems that pupils face and will be able to offer support and guidance to their children.