Back to School Survey - Results: 2021

Moffatt, S., Kent, G., & O'Hara, J. (2021). Back to School Survey - Results 2021.
The past twelve months have been a tumultuous time for everyone, none more so than children and parents. Parents continued to juggle work with home-schooling while children had to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing when, for how long, and under what conditions they would go back to school. The findings from our survey show that children are largely happy and excited about returning to school in September and parents feel likewise. There is an appreciation by both groups of the fundamental role school plays in all aspects of a child’s social, educational and emotional development. However, our survey suggests that some children have struggled to navigate the past year, being away from school for significant periods and then having to readjust back. As a result, parents have additional concerns and worries about their children’s development. Additionally, for many children, the past 12 months has presented their families with increased challenges and adversity. The best way of ensuring that children who have had struggles or difficulties achieve their developmental goals is to provide additional support and help, particularly targeting those who may have already been struggling to engage with education prior to the pandemic.