Feasibility Study: Specialist Therapeutic Services

Barnardos. (1993). Feasibility Study: Specialist Therapeutic Services. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/735
This report was commissioned by the Director of Barnardo's (Republic of Ireland). It is a feasibility study on the potential for developing within Barnardo's - either separately or in conjunction with other agencies - therapeutic services to respond to the special needs of children who have been affected by sexual abuse, bereavement (HIV/AIDS) and emotional trauma with particular reference to services’ Capacity to integrate with the range of children's services on a national level, and to provide effective back-ups/supports to Barnardo's existing networks of preventive and community-focused services. The study commenced April 1 1993 and was completed by June 30. Management responsibility for the study lay with the Director of Barnardo's who met the study's author twice before the study commenced and three times during the course of it.