Recent Submissions

  • ChildLinks Issue 2: Education 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, 2002)
    Welcome to the summer edition of ChildLinks. As another school year begins, we thought it would be an opportunity to reflect in this issue on the subject of education. The 29th Dail is now formed, bringing with it the ...
  • ChildLinks Issue 3: Domestic Violence 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, 2002)
    The theme of this issue of ChildLinks is domestic violence. Domestic violence has been defined as “the use of physical or emotional force or the threat of physical force or sexual violence in close adult relationships. ...
  • ChildLinks Issue 1: Parenthood; Changing Roles, New Challanges 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, 2002)
    This edition of ChildLinks joins the campaign by exploring aspects of parenting and family life in today’s Ireland. Following the publication of the report of the Commission on the Family, Strengthing Families for Life ...