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    • Barnardo's Children's Bus and Mobile Education Project: Progress Report 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 1987)
      This report describes the work of Barnardo's Mobile Education Project since its establishment in September 1986. The project consists of two double decker Children's Buses, which have been converted to act as mobile ...
    • Barnardos and Travellers: An Independent Feasibility Study 

      Hurley, Maurice (Barnardos, 1995)
      The purpose of this feasibility study was to ascertain whether Barbardo's should be involved with Travellers and, if there should be involvment, what role(s) should Barnardo's have.
    • Building Blocks Guidelines 

      Murphy, Aileen (Barnardos, 2016)
      Barnardos delivers parent and child groups, often referred to as parent and toddler groups, as part of its services to families in disadvantaged areas. This document identifies the core components of parent and toddlers ...
    • Child Abuse Practice Development Group 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 1990)
      Feedback from questionnaire on child abuse practice development within Barnardos.
    • Childcare for the Canal Communities: A Feasibility Study on Behalf of the Canal Communities Partnership 

      Morris, Margaret (Barnardos, 1997)
      The area covered by the Canal Communities Partnership comprises Bluebell, Inchicore North and South, Islandbridge, Kilmainham and Rialto. The Partnership’s Area Action Plan 1997-2000 provides a detailed socio-economic profile ...
    • Feasibility Study: Specialist Therapeutic Services 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 1993)
      This report was commissioned by the Director of Barnardo's (Republic of Ireland). It is a feasibility study on the potential for developing within Barnardo's - either separately or in conjunction with other agencies - ...
    • First Impressions 

      Buckley, Molly (Barnardos, 1995)
      On 15th December, 1994 the Edenderry Family Centre was launched by Barnardos in conjunction with the Midland Health Board. This was in response to needs identified by the community. Key people in the community were ...
    • Now You've Got Me Thinking 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2001)
      Reflections from the young women's group at Barnardos Cherry Orchard.
    • Perspectives on Youth Crime: Discussion Papers from Barnardos and the Irish Penal Reform Trust 

      Barnardos; The Irish Penal Reform Trust (Barnardos and the Irish Penal Reform Trust, 2000)
      Crimes committed by young people represent a substantial proportion of all crime. Although in the main they tend to be of a relatively minor nature, their prevalence and the associated potential impact on victims and, ...
    • Plugged In Switched Off Summary Report 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2021)
      Report with the results from a participant feedback survey from the 2021 Plugged In Switched Off webinar.
    • Questionnaire Responses on Child Abuse Practice within Barnardo's 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 1989)
      The Child Abuse Practice Development Group first met in May 1989. The initial brief was shaped by Mike Jarman's direction in establishing the group "to inform service delivery by the greater utilisation of the skill and ...
    • Report on Visit to Barnardos New Zealand 

      Keenan, Owen (Barnardos, 1998)
      Barnardos in New Zealand began as a fundraising support group of British ex-patriots for Barnardos UK. It began to develop services in New Zealand in the late 1960s and when the current Chief Executive, Ian Calder, joined ...
    • Southern Region Report on Family-friendly Working 

      Willoughby, Marie (Barnardos, 2001)
      Barnardos Southern Region has begun the process of developing formal Family Friendly Work Policies for the staff of the region. A Family Friendly Workplace is defined by the National Framework Committee for the Development ...