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Recent Submissions

  • Meeting with your Guardian ad Litem 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, No date)
    Booklet for children explaining what a Guardian ad Litem does.
  • Guardian ad Litem Service: Information for Relatives and Carers 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, No date)
    Guardian ad Litem is a person who is qualified and experienced in working with children and families. It is the Judge who is hearing the family’s case who appoints a Guardian ad Litem. Barnardos has been providing a ...
  • Barnardos' Guardian ad Litem Service 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, No date)
    Barnardos’ Guardian ad Litem (at Law) Service provides children with an independent voice in court to represent their needs and wishes. A Guardian ad Litem who works with Barnardos is an experienced and qualified person, ...
  • Barnardos Guardian ad Litem Service's Privacy Notice 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, ND)
    The information Barnardos Guardian ad Litem service collects about your child/children1 and how we use it, is governed by Data Protection law. This Privacy Notice explains what personal information Barnardos GAL service ...
  • Guardian ad Litem Privacy Notice for Children and Young People 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, ND)
    This leaflet is called a Privacy Notice. It tells you who the service is for, how its keeps your information private, when we need to share it, why, and your privacy rights. Ask your Guardian if you have any questions about ...
  • Your Guardian ad Litem 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, ND)
    Booklet explaining to children the role of a Guardian ad Litem.