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    • Valuing Childhood: Cherishing Children 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2005)
      An ambitious long term strategy for children in Ireland.
    • Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2017)
      This strategic plan sets out our long term vision and goals for children in Ireland (2017-2037) and the priority areas we will focus on for 2017-2021. During the period of this plan we will focus our efforts on:  Service ...
    • Strategy Summary 2019 - 2021 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2019)
      Barnardos aspiration is to become a leader in the field of trauma informed work with vulnerable children and families. This means bringing a holistic mind, body and heart approach to our work and draws on recent progress ...