Recent Submissions

  • Learning About Mental Illness 

    Schizophrenia Ireland; Barnardos (Schizophrenia Ireland in association with Barnardos, 2004)
    This is a booklet to help you to understand more about what mental illness really is. It is specially designed for children whose parent, brother or sister are experiencing mental ill health
  • Every Child Matters: Parents Under Pressure 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, 2002)
    Families. There can be no denying their significance to all of us, both in our individual lives and in terms of their importance to society. Yet there has been surprisingly little detailed study made of the family in an ...
  • Every Child Matters: Families Under the Influence 

    Barnardos (Barnardos, 2002)
    Barnardos’ experience is that the use and misuse of alcohol in Irish society has grown dramatically in recent years and that this has had a major impact on children and young people. This is evident both in terms of underage ...
  • Children's Books for Special Needs: Family Life 

    Barnardos; Fingal County Libraries (Barnardos, 2000)
    When breakdown within a family occurs it is not always easy for the children of these families to accept or understand the implications of such a break-up. Feelings of anger, guilt, confusion and loss may be present as the ...
  • Caring Before Their Time? Research and Policy Perspectives on Young Carers 

    Halpenny, Ann Marie; Gilligan, Robbie (Barnardos and Children's Research Centre, 2004)
    Caring for family members is both valued and expected in Irish society.Yet, on the other hand, much informal caring goes unnoticed and is, to some extent, invisible in the development of policy in Ireland. A recent report ...