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    • Early Childhood Care and Education 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2010)
      Early childhood is a time of great opportunity for learning and early interventions which promote social and educational development are well proven to be beneficial to children providing both short and long term benefits. ...
    • Early Childhood Education and Care 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2008)
      The first few years of a child’s life are the most critical in terms of development and learning. Developmental milestones are time-bound and the fact is they are either reached or missed. Remedial action at a later date ...
    • Effects of Parental Drinking on Children 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, No date)
      Information sheet outlining the consequences of parental alcohol consumption and how it effects children.
    • Enough is Enough. We Must Now Prioritise Children in Ireland 

      Barnardos (2009)
      Barnardos today welcomed the long awaited publication of the Commission of Inquiry into the Dublin Diocese report, particularly welcoming the report's inclusion of strong and unequivocal statements regarding the collusion ...
    • Evaluating and Measuring Outcomes for Separated Children 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2011)
      The Ryan Implementation Plan (2009) recommended that the Health Service Executive end the use of separately run hostels for separated children seeking asylum and instead implement equity of care policy accommodating them ...
    • Expanding the Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2018)
      Since its announcement in Budget 2009, the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme has been an undeniable success. Take up of ECCE places has risen to almost 100 per cent with over 100,000 children availing of ...
    • The Experience and Scale of Child Poverty in Ireland 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2010)
      Across Ireland, Barnardos services are seeing daily the impact of the recession on children and families, many of whom are struggling to cope against a backdrop of reduced household income and widespread cuts to public ...
    • Extent of Child Abuse in Ireland 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2006)
      Information sheet with statistics relating to the amout of child abuse in Ireland.
    • Findings from the End Child Poverty Coalition: Scoping Document on a Second-tier Child Income Support 

      End Child Poverty Coalition (Barnardos and others, 2010)
      In June 2010 the End Child Poverty Coalition commissioned research to investigate the potential of a Second Tier Child Income Support payment to act as a targeted means of supporting low income families, whether that ...
    • Free Primary Education: Make it a Reality 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2015)
      Infographic showing the cost of universal education.
    • Hidden Homelessness: Key Recommendations 

      Barnardos, Focus Ireland, Simon Communities in Ireland, Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Barnardos, 2018)
      The housing crisis engulfing the country has been steadily expanding over a number of years. As time has gone on, Government initiatives aimed at tackling the crisis have failed to stem the tide of homelessness, curb ...
    • Hidden Homelessness: What's the problem? 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2018)
      The housing crisis engulfing the country has been steadily expanding over a number of years. As time has gone on, Government initiatives aimed at tackling the crisis have failed to stem the tide of children into homelessness, ...
    • The Hidden Housing Crisis 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2016)
      Children need a safe, warm and secure place to call home. Inadequate, unsafe or insecure housing has serious repercussions; affecting a child’s mental and physical health, social and emotional development, education and ...
    • The Housing Crisis 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2014)
      Barnardos is seriously concerned about the scale of the housing crisis now facing many low income families particularly those reliant on social welfare. Many children are experiencing their childhood in overcrowded, ...
    • Impact of Covid19 on Early Years Education & Childcare 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2020)
      Barnardos has been delivering quality, evidenced based services, providing practical and emotional supports to children, parents and families for almost 60 years. In 2019 we worked with more than 17,000 children and families ...
    • Infographic on Waiting Lists 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2018)
      Statistics relevant to waiting lists for Speech and Language, Mental Health Services, and Disability Assessment with regional breakdowns.
    • Initial Observations on the Child Care (Amendment) Bill 2009 

      Barnardos; Irish Association of Young People in Care; Irish Foster Care Association (Barnardos, 2010-01)
      Barnardos, the Irish Association of Young People in Care and the Irish Foster Care Association (hereafter referred to as the group) welcomes the opportunity afforded by the Child Care (Amendment) Bill 2009 to improve the ...
    • Joint Submission to the Office of the Minister for Children on the Implementation of the Ryan Report Recommendations 

      Barnardos; CARI; Children’s Rights Alliance; Dublin Rape Crisis Centre; ISPCC; One in Four; Rape Crisis Network Ireland (Barnardos, CARI, Children’s Rights Alliance, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, ISPCC, One in Four & Rape Crisis Network Ireland, No date)
      The publication of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse report affords us the opportunity to acknowledge the great failings of the Irish State in its past protection of children placed in its care. It is essential ...
    • Make the Grade 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2006)
      The intrinsic right to an education is guaranteed to every child in Ireland under Section 42 of the Irish Constitution. Articles 28 and 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child give further voice to those ...
    • A Million Reasons to Get it Right : The Barnardos Children's Declaration 

      Barnardos (Barnardos, 2007)
      The purpose of A Million Reasons to Get it Right — The Barnardos Children’s Declaration is to shine a spotlight on the key issues that affect children’s lives. Our hope is that the recommendations we are proposing will ...