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    Developing Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Early Childhood: A How to Guide
    (Cork City Childcare Committee & Barnardos, No date) Cork City Childcare Committee; Barnardos
    This publication aims to acknowledge the difficult and time-consuming task that childcare practitioners face in ensuring that their equal opportunities /diversity policies are developed and implemented to reflect the changes that our society is experiencing. It does this by providing: A Position Paper on including anti-discriminatory practice as a central theme in early childhood programmes, a Self-Assessment Questionnaire intended as an aid to identifying areas of practice where practitioners feel they are doing well and areas in which they feel there could be some improvement., a Model Policy based on best practice models, which it is hoped will be a source of information and inspiration as well as a basis for discussion among childcare providers. The Model Policy is also intended to act as an illustration of the wider implications that such a policy will have for a service which is aiming to ensure that the principles of equality are fully implemented. It finally provides a Step-by-Step Guide to suggest how your planned policy development might be implemented.
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    Establishing a Day Care Service: An Information Pack
    (Barnardos, 1996) Canavan, Angela; Gibbons, Norah
    This information pack is aimed at those who are considering setting-up a private day care service for preschool children. By day care services we mean "nurseries" which provide full day care for groups of children or "creches" which refer to short-term care for groups of children in shopping centres, sports complexes or adult education centres. Those who wish to consider establishing a playgroup should contact the Irish Preschool Playgroups Association.
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    The Child Care Act 1991: A Guide for Children and Young People in Care
    (Barnardos, 1999) Canavan, Angela; Gibbons, Norah
    The Child Care Act 1991 is one of the most important laws for children and young people in this country. Generally children grow up within their own family but when difficulties arise (for example, death, poverty, abuse and neglect) it is sometimes necessary for the State to step in. The State protects children and young people by providing support and help for their families. If it is not possible to help the family to properly care for and protect the children, the State and the health boards have a duty to look after the needs of children. Sometimes this means that a child or young person needs to live away from their family in the care of the health board. The Child Care Act 1991 sets out how this can happen.
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    Guide for Safe Internet Use: Apps and Sites Advice for Parents
    (Barnardos, No date) Barnardos
    This leaflet provides a general guide for parents on the most frequent sites and applications being used by children and young people.
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    Cyberbullying: What is it and How to Protect Your Children
    (Barnardos, No date) Barnardos
    Advice on how to identify and respond to cyberbullying.