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    The Adoption Advice Service - Dublin: The First Ten Years 1977 - 1987
    (Barnardos, 1987) Lefroy, Laetitia
    Barnardo's is an independent child care charity. It aims to provide and develop in consultation with statutory and other agencies, and in partnership with parents, selected services for children and young people in need and their families on a regional basis. These services, by their nature and by evaluation of their effectiveness should endeavour to extend knowledge and improve practice. This aim places a special obligation on Barnardo's as a voluntary organisation both to develop new services for children and families and also to share our knowledge and experience. It is difficult to appreciate the changes in the knowledge and practice of adoption in Ireland over a decade. In this report Laetitia Lefroy traces the thread of change and its implication for all involved with adoption. The section in the report about the future is very relevant for legislators and policy makers as we enter a period of open debate about the future of adoption in Ireland.
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    Barnardos: A Three-year Action Plan 1999-2002
    (Barnardos, 1999) Barnardos
    In this, the last year of the century, Barnardos is embarking on an ambitious plan to take us well into the millennium. Our aim is to improve and expand present services, and find newer and better ways to help Irish children and their families. As our contribution we will undertake to raise at least £5m (E6.3m) to invest in services for children and families, over and above income from government sources. Working collaboratively with other organisations we intend quite simply, to provide services to children that will be an example to the world.
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    Making a Difference: Barnardos 2002-2005; 1962-2002 Celebrating 40 Years Working with Children in Ireland
    (Barnardos, 2002) Barnardos
    Although we have come a long way, children in Ireland still do not get what they should while living in a wealthy country — too many children still live in poverty, are not adequately protected from danger and risk, are homeless, have no access to local and affordable childcare. In short, their rights under the UN Convention are not yet met. Barnardos believes that Ireland should be one of the best places in the world to be a child growing up, and we intend to continue trying to make that a reality. making a difference is intended to make a real and significant contribution to Barnardos’ continuing development and its increasing capacity to respond to the needs of children, young people, and their families, in Ireland from 2002 to 2005, and beyond.
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    Barnardo's Services for Families in Tallaght
    (Barnardos, No date) Phelan, Jan
    This series of papers, written by practitioners, is offered as a contribution to the development of social work practice. The aim is not to present definitive statements on particular themes or areas of work, but to describe in ‘the words of practitioners of all levels of experience, training, and skill, the work which they are actually undertaking.
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    The Adoption Advice Service - Dublin: The First Three Years May 1977 - May 1980
    (Barnardos, 1980) Lefroy, Laetitia
    The Adoption Advice Service, Dublin, started on 3lst May, 1977. The previous week we held a meeting for adoption societies and workers from other agencies involved with single parents and adoption. Carole Smith spoke of the Yorkshire Adoption Advice Service experience and an explanation was given of the service which we planned to offer. The majority of those who attended this were not from adoption societies but were supporters who had been pressing for an independent service. Although a useful exercise in that it gave an opportunity to meet colleagues and give details of the service, it did not fulfil the purpose of taking info our confidence those who may have felt this service would be a threat to their independence.