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    Annual Report 2022
    (Barnardos, 2023) Barnardos
    As the extraordinary response to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic fades into memory for most people, the legacy is still there for the children and parents Barnardos work with in terms of their social, emotional and educational development. These families faced additional challenges in 2022 with some seriously impacted by the cost of living crisis resulting from post Covid-19 global supply chain disruption and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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    Barnardos Annual Report 1996
    (Barnardos, 1997) Barnardos
    There has been substantial investment in Ireland’s child care services since the publication of the Kilkenny Report in 1993. It is essential that this progress should not be eroded by a failure to continue with the investment until our child care services reach an acceptable level of development. In the context of a booming economy it is chastening to note that, compared to the 1970’s, more children in Ireland today live in poverty; are homeless; are affected by family breakdown; are referred to health boards due to actual/suspected abuse or neglect; are in the care of health boards; are in trouble with the law. The increasing challenges now faced by children and their families did not appear overnight. They emerged as a result of economic and social changes which were not matched by Government provision to support the most vulnerable children and their families. Neither will these trends be easily reversed. A start has been made in closing the gap between need and provision and it is vital that this should continue. The emphasis in recent developments has been on the creation of additional social work and child care posts, the provision of emergency services and the raising of standards in residential care. However, while these were necessary improvements they will not reduce the demand on services. Unless measures are taken to prevent problems arising in the first place or to intervene at an early stage there is a danger that these recent developments will begin to unravel under the pressure of increasing demands. Barnardo's is firmly convinced that the thrust of developments must be to prevent situations reaching crisis point. For this reason, we have, over many years, invested most of our voluntary funds in preventive services such as pre-school facilities, parenting programmes and youth action projects. Giving children a good start in life is an investment which benefits society as a whole.
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    Family Welfare Conference, 16 North Parade, Gorey, Co. Wexford: End of Year Report 2004
    (Barnardos, 2005) Barnardos
    The Family Welfare Conference (FWC) Project in Wexford was established as a pilot initiative in December 2002. This three year initiative is a partnership between HSE South Eastern Region, Wexford and Barnardos. Under the Child Care Act 1991, Part II 9 the HSE may contract out some of its responsibilities in relation to children and family to a voluntary body, and in this case it has done so with Barnardos. The service level agreement between the HSE and Barnardos is overseen by a management group which meets about five times a year under the name of the Health Board Liaison group. The relationship between both organisations has been key. The pilot is managed by a Project Leader (with Co-ordinator role also), with fulltime Co-ordinator and full-time Administration Worker. It is based in Gorey, Co Wexford, but services the whole county. This report will document project activity for the past year, 2004, how it is managed, what have been its successes and what areas need further attention. The report also hopes to look at the impact the service has had on existing services, what are the outcomes for children and families and how effective it is a decision making forum for children.
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    Barnardos Annual Review 1999-2000
    (Barnardos, 2000) Barnardos
    Reporting exceptional organisational growth and development has become the norm for Barnardos over several years now and this year is no exception. During 1999 we appointed regional managers and established regional offices in Cork, Limerick and Galway, developed the Springboard family support projects which have been established in partnership with five health boards and recruited senior professionals to manage the National Children's Resource Centre and the Beacon Guardian ad Litem service. These and other developments were part of Barnardos' three year action plan which was launched in April 1999 and which is well on the way to full implementation. Last year | reported that we had instituted a review of our operations against best practice standards and this has now been completed. Involving the active participation of more than seventy staff, the review process generated an immense amount of commitment and energy and has resulted in a formidable range of recommended actions. The report of the review has been approved by Council which is determined to support its implementation. Congratulations and thanks are due to all involved. Barnardos is all too aware that, in spite of our economic progress, many children in Ireland are experiencing serious problems including poverty, educational disadvantage, abuse, neglect and discrimination. We are committed to developing our services further to respond to the needs of growing numbers of children and to increase the impact of our advocacy to ensure that our experience in relation to its implications for policy, practice and provision is shared. During the year we launched a new series of policy briefings and these will be added to continually. We have also been actively developing our income generating capacity to underpin this increased level of service and activity. In addition to our statutory income this has included funding from trusts and foundations, increasing support from the corporate sector, direct mail campaigns and the opening of three new charity shops, in Cork, Limerick and Carlow, over the past year. All of which demonstrates our determination to convert our ambitious aspirations into realisable actions.
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    Barnardos Annual Report 1998/1999
    (Barnardos, 1999) Barnardos
    A year of achievement and celebration, reflecting on the work of Barnardos during the past year, the twin themes of achievement and celebration are very much to the fore. In terms of achievement we have not only maintained, but have significantly accelerated the growth and development of recent years. The needs of many more children and families are now being served through the work of our organisation, as we continue to expand our range of services at an increasing number of locations. We are particularly pleased with the Government’s endorsement of the value of family support services through the Springboard Initiative and we are delighted to have been contracted to provide six of these projects in various parts of the country. During the year we completed a three-year strategic plan through which Barnardos is committed to spending at least IRE5 million over and above government funding between now and 2002. We look to our existing and new supporters and to statutory bodies to cement this commitment. At the same time we have also instituted a review of all our operations to ensure that they achieve best practice standards.