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    Supporting Young Children’s Behaviour in Early Learning & Care
    (Barnardos, 2023) Barnardos
    This describes training which is suitable for those working in Early Learning & Care and interested in learning more about young children’s behaviour.
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    Barnardos’ Complete Child Protection Training
    (Barnardos, No date) Barnardos
    The comprehensive range of personal and professional training for anyone working with or caring for children.
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    Introduction to Reflective Practice in Early Years and School Age Childcare
    (Barnardos, 2022) Barnardos
    This describes training which is is suitable to professionals working with children and families in a range of education, social care, youth and community settings including Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare.
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    Shared Language Training
    (Barnardos, 2013) Barnardos
    Shared Language Training was introduced in Barnardos to ensure that staff shared a common understanding of key terms and ideology which underpin our assessment framework which is key in achieving needs led and outcome focused services. The Shared Language Training aims to ensure a shared understanding of language and terms used in our practice within children’s services. It allows individuals to become comfortable with language and terms that inform our practice. It also aims to provide consistency across services in use of the assessment framework and improve quality. The learning objectives for the training are Understand the patterns of child development and risk & protective factors Understand needs & formulating outcomes to meet those needs Incorporate principles of needs, outcomes & services into individual assessment of children’s needs.
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    Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Child Development & Attachment
    (Barnardos, 2022) Barnardos
    This describes training where the aim is to introduce participants to the concepts of Child Development and Childhood Trauma. The training will explore how trauma impacts a child’s developing brain and their overall development. It will offer an introduction to how individuals respond to trauma.