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    • An Introduction to Schemas 

      McDermott, Michele (Barnardos, 2020)
      If you have ever wondered why a young child is rolling around on the floor or you have been irritated when a toddler is throwing things about or repeatedly banging or pulling something, you will be interested to learn about ...
    • The Key Person Approach: Positive Relationships with Children in the Early Years 

      McDermott, Michele (Barnardos, 2016)
      The care and education of young children in Ireland has changed in the last two decades, with many children spending more time in their early years being cared for by people other than their parents, whether this is by ...
    • Learning Together: A Parent's Guide to Early Childhood Learning 

      McDermott, Michele (Barnardos, 2010)
      This guide is for the parents of children between birth and the age of six. Research studies have consistently found that these early years of life are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of a child.
    • Partners in Learning: A Parent's Guide to Partnership in Childcare 

      McDermott, Michele (Barnardos, 2010)
      This guide is for parents who want to understand how they can work with childcare providers to give their child the best opportunities and experiences possible. Your involvement in your child’s early care and education, ...