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Barnardos Knowledge Bank is an online service hosting full content materials produced by Barnardos Ireland. It contains the full text of booklets, journals, reports, research papers and more. Barnardos Knowledge Bank is an open access platform, with the aim of making Barnardos output as widely accessible as possible. Use the browse functions above for an overview of relevant materials. Barnardos is a National Voluntary Childcare Organisation part funded by Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

Recent Submissions

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    ChildLinks Issue 3: Pedagogical Approaches in Early Childhood
    (Barnardos, 2023) Barnardos
    The choice of pedagogical approach in an early childhood setting is an extremely important aspect of quality provision to ensure the best possible health, wellbeing and learning outcomes for young children. Choosing an appropriate approach is complex, and requires knowledge and understanding across a range of factors. While there are many different pedagogical approaches available, and settings may choose to use a blend of approaches, some warrant particular consideration. This issue of ChildLinks considers how pedagogy influences the experiences children have in early childhood settings. It also looks at the factors in play when considering age-appropriate approaches for young children, and examines some of the key pedagogical approaches. In the first article in this issue, Marie Willoughby from Barnardos explores what we mean by pedagogy, examining the educator’s role both in choosing an appropriate pedagogy and in putting it into practice. Dr Geraldine French of Dublin City University then considers slow relational pedagogy, which encompasses all that educators do within relationships, environments and experiences in their daily care of young children, looking at why it is important and how it can be achieved. Later in the issue, Sharon Byrne considers an Infant Mental Health Approach in Early Childhood Education and Care, outlining how Youngballymun focuses on improving wellbeing and learning outcomes for children in north Dublin. Milica Atanackovic from Early Childhood Ireland later highlights the Reggio Emilia Approach and how this approach is disseminated in Ireland. Also in this issue, Dr. Christina Tatham from the University of Sheffield considers third space pedagogy, outlining a study that explores the complex, superdiversity of children, and suggesting a third learning space, one beyond the formal learning spaces, where children explore multiple identities, funds of knowledge, and cultural and linguistic repertoires. Cecilia A. Maron-Puntarelli from Indiana University in the U.S. then gives an overview of her research, reflecting with her former university students about the classroom activities that shaped their adoption and implementation of play pedagogy during their early years of teaching, and considering the influences that support or inhibit play as a pedagogical practice. Finally, Dr Carmel Conn, Associate Professor at the University of South Wales, explores findings from a study carried out in primary schools with an early years provision in the UK that considered what constitutes inclusive pedagogy for young children in mainstream settings.
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    Models of Advocacy: A Study of the Models of Advocacy and the Practice of them within International Children’s Organizations
    (Barnardos, 2002) Shea, Courtney C.
    For any organization that champions the rights of others, advocacy plays a major role in bringing about change. This report will examine what advocacy is, the different types of advocacy, and the different models of advocacy including case studies to illustrate each model, as well as how Barnardos uses these different models. The information contained in this report is based on data, statistics, and information on the advocacy practices of international children’s organizations. Finally, conclusions will be drawn about what advocacy models are best for successful advocacy.
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    A Partnership with Children: Policy Proposals for a Future National Agreement
    (Barnardos, 1999) Barnardos; The Children's Rights Alliance; The Combat Poverty Agency; The National Youth Council of Ireland; The Society of St Vincent de Paul
    Information sheet from The Open Your Eyes to Child Poverty Initiative that sets out a policy agenda for a future national agreement that can contribute to the prevention, reduction and eventual elimination of child poverty.
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    Who Cares About Our Under 5s?
    (Barnardos, 1990) Barnardos
    In 1989 the Combat Poverty Agency funded research commissioned by OMEP into pre-school provision in the greater Dublin area. The research work was carried out by Dr Jo Murphy-Lawless of SUS Research and a report entitled ‘Playing for Keeps’ was published in the Autumn of 1989. Much of the research work for the report had been carried out in Tallaght with parents, playgroup leaders and workers involved in the child-care field. Dr Murphy-Lawless, at the request of Barnardo’s, held a workshop in St Muirin’s House, Tallaght, on the research findings. From this workshop a planning group decided to highlight the report’s findings through a seminar which would also raise the issue of funding for services for the Under-Five’s in Tallaght.
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    Back to School: A Parent's Guide
    (Barnardos, 1996) Barnardos
    Starting school is a momentous time in any child’s life and can be stressful for both the child and their parents or carers. Returning to school after the summer holidays can also be a difficult time for a child. The transition from playgroup to primary school can be fraught with anxieties, with many children having to make new friends and become accustomed to a new school environment. Meeting new teachers can be traumatic and many parents worry about giving the best advice and support to their children at this difficult time. This can be repeated. at transition from primary to secondary school. Marks & Spencer, who has always cared about the family, has joined together with Barnardo's, to produce this booklet. Barnardo’s in Ireland have been looking after children and their interests for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience in this area. This booklet will be an invaluable guide to any parent with children of school going age, with information on starting school, road safety, homework, teacher/parent relationships, and nutrition, including where to look for further information if necessary. Once parents have read our step-by-step guide, we know that they will have a better understanding of the problems that pupils face and will be able to offer support and guidance to their children.

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